Super Food Energy Bites


About two months ago I was gifted a bag of raw hazelnuts, and by raw I mean they were still in their cocoon of a shell. I knew I wanted to do something fun with them, but they sat on my counter for days, then weeks, then months. I was then gifted a second bag, and to avoid becoming the Filbert hoarder (did you know Filbert is another name for hazelnuts!?) I knew it was time to put these bags to use.

There was only one problem, how would I de-shell them?


I grabbed a wooden kitchen mallet, stepped outside, squatted like I was using the bathroom in the woods, and smashed over 100 hazelnuts. Talk about being connected to your food. I then took my fresh nuts and made the inevitable. Hazelnut butter!


This has been on my foodie bucket list FOREVER, and I finally did it. OH.MY.GOODNESS. The…

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