Hello friends! Welcome to my blog, and thank you for visiting!

Like many people, I have a few different hobbies and passions. One, which I’ve made a career out of, is communication. Web, print, verbal, visual, etc…I’m all about it. You can check out my main website at www.blynnhollifield.wixsite.com/bobbilynnh.

But about my cooking. I started working at 15, and my first job was at McDonald’s. Not exactly the height of culinary prestige, but it gave me an uncompromising work ethic, business + industry experience, and a start in the food service industry. It would be a little more than 15 years before I transitioned out of the industry.

That fifteen years was rife with many different experiences in all levels of food service, but it wasn’t until I began working in fine dining that I began to feel an interest in the art of cuisine. It was all so exotic! Fresh fish caught in the gulf that is just steps from the kitchen door, the highest quality of beef, and many foods and ingredients I’d never heard of before. Keep in mind that I’m from a small town in Michigan – in my hometown, the Olive Garden is considered “nice.”

(No hate for the OG – their breadsticks are awesome!)

Anyway, I developed a much more discerning palate and began experimenting at home using veggies I’d never tried and herbs I’d never thought of using. And WOW! My mind (and every taste bud) was blown. How did I go my entire life subsisting on boring chicken breasts and soggy vegetables? This was a major revelation.

So, my taste for fine foods fueled a habit of constantly seeking out new flavor combinations to try out. Unfortunately, this gets expensive, especially in a coastal city where high-end restaurants, headed by world-famous chefs and featuring many high-dollar, hard-to-get ingredients (I’ve literally eaten gold in a sundae), dominate the social scene.

I thought to myself, how can I sustain my high-class, multicultural palate when I really have a McDonald’s budget?

Well, experimenting in the kitchen became a pretty frequent activity, and soon I was having dinner parties to show off my skills. I got so many compliments that I decided to start this blog so that others may enjoy some of the same delicious dishes – putting, of course, a personalized spin on them, if desired.

And there you have it. The birth of my blog. I should add that I submitted my site for credit my senior year in college. This is a perfect example of how two of my passions cross over and combine to make me one happy camper.

Enjoy these recipes, and I encourage you to share your photos, your modifications, and your questions in the comment sections. I really feel like crowd sourcing can be a huge benefit when it comes to new culinary creations.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy my site!

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