Chocolate-Caramel Cookie Squares

…a few of my favorite things: chocolate on caramel on almond cookie crust…
…a few of my favorite things: chocolate on caramel on almond cookie crust…

Who doesn’t love chocolate and caramel? If someone like that exists, I don’t know him or her. I, for one, live for chocolate and caramel – it’s such a rare treat that I savor every last bite when I allow myself to have it. Today was that day.

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Chocolatey Peanut Butter Energy Oatmeal

This protein- and fiber-packed breakfast will keep you full and give you energy for hours!
This protein- and fiber-packed breakfast will keep you full and give you energy for hours!

Remember no-bake cookies? Those chocolate peanut-butter cookies that were pretty much the only way the oatmeal got used up? My mom used to make huge batches of them around Christmas time and they were so addictive!

Google images
Google images

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Super Easy, Mouthwateringly Delicious, Homemade Marinara Sauce

chopped marinara ingredients

Have you ever wondered what’s in the jars of pasta sauce you can buy at the grocery store? Chances are, it’s a bunch of stuff you can’t pronounce, much less actually know what the ingredients are. Not to mention all the added salt and sugar. Some companies are trying to market “all natural” products, but are they really? How can you know for sure? “Natural flavor?” Why don’t they just tell us what it is? Hmmm…

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Super Food Energy Bites


About two months ago I was gifted a bag of raw hazelnuts, and by raw I mean they were still in their cocoon of a shell. I knew I wanted to do something fun with them, but they sat on my counter for days, then weeks, then months. I was then gifted a second bag, and to avoid becoming the Filbert hoarder (did you know Filbert is another name for hazelnuts!?) I knew it was time to put these bags to use.

There was only one problem, how would I de-shell them?


I grabbed a wooden kitchen mallet, stepped outside, squatted like I was using the bathroom in the woods, and smashed over 100 hazelnuts. Talk about being connected to your food. I then took my fresh nuts and made the inevitable. Hazelnut butter!


This has been on my foodie bucket list FOREVER, and I finally did it. OH.MY.GOODNESS. The…

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Happy International Women’s Day 2015

So Bad Ass

Hope you have all had a fantastic Women’s Day 2015.  I have had a weekend with friends and family and LOVED seeing my Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with wonderful stories of inspiring women and feminism.

I thought I would share my talk from last year’s International Women’s Day in Barnsley where I spoke about living with my ileostomy and how I overcame the massive changes that surgery brought me and how it affected my self esteem and body image.

Much love

Sam x

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More Than Meets The Eye – Campaign for Invisible Disabilities Awareness

Reblog ~ not my usual food-related fare, but it’s important that I share Sam’s outreach efforts.

So Bad Ass

After my post on using accessible toilets with an invisible disability went viral with over 2 million views, I knew I had to harness this amazing audience and do something good with it and so after spending the week talking to people with disabilities all over the world and also Disability Charity Scope, I am over the moon to launch More Than Meets The Eye, a campaign for invisible disability awareness.

In the open letter to the woman who judged me for using accessible toilets, I wrote “I know you saw me running in, with my able bodied legs and all. You saw me opening the door with my two working arms. Without any visible sign of disability.  My lack of wheelchair may have suggested to you that I was some lazy cow who didn’t care. You may have seen my face blushing as I caught your eye and assumed I was…

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